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Across the Kitchen Table

It took until I was a teenager to realize that Grandma's "front door" was actually the back door. Everyone who knew my grandparents pulled into the back yard, were greeted at the door before they could even knock and ushered in to sit across the kitchen table. No appointments were needed, and Grandma always had something ready for you to eat, usually homemade bread, toasted, with loads of butter.

Lives were changed around that table. The hustle and bustle of life melted away and time stood still.

It was a safe place to share the cares and troubles you were carrying and be met with an understanding ear and Grandma's words of wisdom. She wasn't afraid to say things that were hard to hear, but somehow they were easy to digest. Possibly it was the extra butter, but more likely it was that they were spoken from a place of love and acceptance.

The quality of our life is directly correlated with the quality of our relationships and relationships aren't always easy! They expose the parts of us that we sometimes can't even see ourselves, and definitely don't want others to see. Mediation provides the opportunity to take a safe, honest look at where we are and define where we want to be.

Come join me 'across the kitchen table' (whether in person or virtually) where we can talk about the hard things, communication, intimacy, finances, parenting, household duties, family relationships, trust, connection, etc. Together, we'll strive to work out an agreement to satisfy the needs of both you and your spouse and create hope and direction for the future.

~FB post used with permission from my brother Trevor~

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